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Shimano Reels
Very Nice Barramundi From Queensland Australia:
Gerard - 1.13m and 38 lbs, Michael - .82m and 16 lbs, Karen - .82m and 16 lbs, Drew - .68m and 9 lbs
Shimano Reels
Jim in New Zealand
Shimano Stradic Reels 1-30-12
Mangrove Jack
Ben in QLD Australia
Shimano Stradic Reels Mangrove Jack
Owen - QLD Australia
Shimano Stradic Reels Here's my biggest bass I got while at Lake Baccarac. She went 10.5 and was a handful to catch, it amazes me jusy how powerful a largemouth can be. I got her on the new Shimano Chronarch I ordered just before we left. I'm going to head to Lake Fork in the next couple weeks and throw that Calais, can't wait!
Tom at Lake Baccarac Mexico
Shimano Stradic Reel
Bob with Brook Trout
Saranac River, NY
Shimano Stradic Reel Nice Barramundi
Tony in Australia
Shimano Stradic Reel Henry with a 50 pound Stripe Bass
Hudson River, Albany, NY.
Shimano Curado Reel Deb with a Nice Barramundi
With a CU200E7, QLD, Australia
Shimano Stradic Reel
Dad & Sam in Flordia, With a Snapper
Stradic Shimano Reels

20 lb.+ char at 35.5". Caught on Seven
Mile Island in the Coronation Gulf,
Nunavut, Canada. A third similar
char snapped the line at my feet.
Those 3 fish fried my spinning reel, hell I thought I'd hooked a seal,. :) Hence the search for a reel that could handle them. Enter Abu Revo Inshore. Tight lines to all, Al

Shimano Stradic Reel It brought me three fishes the largest one ca. 60 up centimeters (about 24 inch) was an Asp in Germany called "Rapfen" (Aspius Aspius). I think you don't have this ones in the USA?! She offered me a very nice drill in the middle of the stream of my river called "Neckar" (it runs through Heidelberg). The reel is combined with a major craft slicer ss 63ml 1/8 - 3/8 oz.
best regards
Christian in Germany
Shimano Stradic Reel
Chris In Texas - 5 Fish Totaling 26 Pounds
Shimano Stradic Reel
Al from SanBurnardino Ca.
21.3 Inches / 5.3 Pounds - L. Platt, Michigan.
Shimano Stradic Reel
CoCo from SanBurnardino Ca.
23 Inches / 6.8 Pounds - L. Platt, Michigan.
Shimano Reels
This pike have been fished with the Curado and Powerpro line.
Niko in Finland
Shimano Stradic Reel
Tero in Finland
This Pike is 8.2kg 106/42cm (C&R)
Shimano Stradic Reel
Michele in Flordia
With a Barracuda
Shimano Stradic Reel
Mark in Massachusetts
Nice Bass 9.5 Pounds - 25 Inches
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